Build Your Own Sandcastle

Building a sandcastle is a fun activity for kids of all ages. If you are new to creating your own mansion in the sand, let us offer a few tips:

Choose a spot that is situated close to the water, but not so close that the waves may destroy it as the tide rises.  You will want to work with wet sand, so dig a hole down to the water table and make it large enough to bring up buckets of water from the Gulf.  You will need the sand to stay wet, so adding wet sand to the center of your construction site is a great way to start.

To build towers start with sand patties, placing larger ones on the bottom.  As your tower reaches the right height make sure to seal the edges by pouring a small amount of water over the sides.  You can shape your tower using cups and small buckets.  Bring along tools such as plastic knives to add detail. If you really want to add some intricate design bring along a straw to blow away excess sand, and a spray bottle to keep the sand moist as you carve shapes into your castle.  If you are looking for a more medieval design, squeeze wet sand through your hands and let it drip into piles.

Finish off your castle by adding a small wall around the outside of your area, to protect it from waves and passersby.

Beach Volleyball

Siesta Key is a great place to join friends for a game of volleyball.  The public beach has a number of courts, and is home to several state, regional and national tournaments throughout the year. The soft, cool sand is a great surface for play. There are picnic benches for spectators, so everyone can enjoy the game.  Beach volleyball courts are located to the left of the main pavilion.

Beach Volleyball